Download Tzar Patch v1.10
March 21, 2002

You can download the most recent Tzar patch from here. It fixes the issue with AI controlled catapults that sometimes shoot with multiple shots.
New/Old Patch available
January 18, 2002

You can finally download the Tzar patch from v1.0 to v1.01 from here . To apply the latest Tzar patch when you have version 1.0, you need to:

  1. Download the patch from version 1.0 to version 1.01 from here and run it
  2. Run Tzar and when you reach the main menu click quit. (this step is required)
  3. Apply any later patch that requires version 1.01 including the version 1.10 patch

FAQ Update
June 20, 2001

We have updated the FAQ with the answers to the questions you've asked most often recently:

Q: How do I use the cheat codes?
Q: What if I want to play behind a firewall or proxy?

Tzar re-release in the United States
March 28, 2001

We've just got the news that Tzar will be re-released in the United States on a compilation CD called "Medieval Masters". The other games on the CD will be Age of Wonders and Darkstone. The Tzar version will be the most recent one - 1.09.

GameSpy Arcade Tzar support
June 17, 2000

For your gaming pleasure, GameSpy Arcade now supports Tzar: The Burden of the Crown. Now you can play Tzar online on GameSpy servers. In the meantime, Swedish fans of Tzar can visit Harvester Plague, a new published site in our links page.